Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wish Me Luck!

My Dear Stalkers,

I am having kind of a stressful week.The term ends on Thursday, Fun stuff. What does that mean? It means grades come out. No, I am not worried, I tried my best and that's what counts (to me anyway). Tomorrow will be the most stressful I think. No, I don't have a final. No I don't have to give a presentation. No, I don't have a paper due. Okay stop guessing your bad at it. I have a choir competition. Almost all day. We are going to be gone from 7:00 AM to 12:00 PM. so, I miss more than half of school. But I think we can do a good job. After region is state. Then we own. Yes I have it all planned out. It's GOING to happen, whether the judges agree or not. Lets hope they do or it will get tricky, you know with all of the inexperienced people. They can't possibly learn all of my ninja talents in one day! . . . Anyway, regardless we will do great! Our Choir is sounding really great! I'm almost sure we will go far.

Your loving Stalky,

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