Sunday, September 11, 2011

Every Life is Precious

My Dear Stalkers,

Today is Sunday September 11th.... Exactly 10 years from the horrible terrorist attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. I don't remember that day at all, and if I did I would share it with you. I was only in 2nd grade so I'm sure It didn't mean a whole lot to me back then. But reflecting back and watching all of those videos I have realized that every life is precious. 2,000 people died for no reason at all.
As the towers were burning there were people jumping off onto the street, at first it was just the ones who were disoriented or blinded that didn't know that they are falling 88 stories. Then, they started jumping. The story that broke my heart was one of a couple, they jumped off the 88th story in each others arms and died hitting the ground. I can't even imagine that. Not only could I not imagine living through it I can't imagine running in saving people. The real heros that day were all of the fire fighters and police officers that rushed into that building regardless of what the heck just had happened.
All the things that the people saw, all the lives lost... Every one of those people are amazing and brave. Every one of those people deserved to live but didn't. God has a plan for all of those people. And thats all I have to say. I love you all. God has a plan for all of you.

Your Loving Stalky,
Ally SKinner

2,819 People were killed

289 Bodies found "intact"

19,858 Body parts found

1,609 People lost a spouse or partner

3,051 Children lost a parent

20% Of Americans knew someone that was hurt or killed in the attacks