Sunday, September 19, 2010

My First Week Of School (Late)

My Dear Stalkers,

Wow! I am a Junior! What? How did that even happen? I'm not sure. It's so weird to know that I have to start thinking about college! I have to do applications at the end of the year, I think they said.... I already know where I'm applying... Southern Virgina University, Brigham Young University, Argosy University and many more... I want to go into psychology and I'm pretty sure that won't change. Anyway back to high school... I have some cool classes and some... not so cool classes. Sad part about it? I have no classes with Cody OR Camille!!!!!!!! I miss them!!! I'm surviving though, which is good. Wanna know what I have? Sure.

1) Seminary (Brother Fletcher) Savannah is in my class (:
2) Advanced Choir (Cam) Savannah is in that class too (:
3) Spanish II (Don't know his name O.o) At The Middle School UGH
4) Chemistry (Mrs. Fairchild) Its good.... So far...
5&6) Socratic Seminar (Ms. Brough) Sigh... Mr. Dye rocked.
7) Geometry (Mr. Gilbert) He's cool
8) Debate (Ms. Petersen) At the Middle School UGH

Pretty cool huh? Yeah. But I have 2 classes at the Middle School which stinks. Why? Because I have to take the bus down there and I'm late for that class and then late for the next class. I don't like it. I can't wait until the new school is done. It's on 1600 north so I could pretty much walk there.... I might be doing that..

What else is exciting about this year?
I'm 16!! What does that mean? DATE DANCES!!! and more importantly DRIVING!!! WOOOHOOO!! I need to take drivers ed still but it will only take 9 days and then I can take my test... All I need to so is sign up.. Sigh. That might be a while.

So, I will try to keep y'all posted about school and all my magical adventures.. See you and love you all!

Your Loving Stalky,
Ally Skinner

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My First Date!

My Dear Stalkers,

Yes. (: You read the title right, I went on my very first date. When? On my Birthday! My stinkin' Birthday! It was awesome! Can I tell you about it? Of course I can!! (:

First!! On Thursday August, 27th Cody called. He asked if I was free enough to ask me a question. I said sure... (I always have time for Cody). SOoOoOo he asked if I was doing anything on my birthday. I didn't have any plans because I totally intended on not having a party. He asked if he could take me on a date. (: YES YES YES YES YES!!! "Um, yeah that sounds good. I'd love to" I was so cool. He told me that the whole day was a surprise and that I would find out the day of. I was so excited.
So, after that I asked my dad and Cody called dad and mom and told them the plan. (: He finally called me on Monday the 30th and told me that he would pick me up at 9:00AM and drop me off at 3:00PM, and to wear shoes I could walk a lot in. What could it be?
I was so excited I could hardly sleep that night.
I got up at 7:00 and started getting ready. I was so nervous I could hardly eat but, I managed a bowl of cereal. . . He called me in the middle of brushing my teeth and said he was on his way. I tried to tell my mom exactly how to answer the door.
"Okay mom I am going to be upstairs and hes going to knock on the door and when he does you answer it. Let him in and then I will walk down looking awesome." Needless to say it went nothing like that. Anyway. . . he picked me up and said that we would have to take state street all the way back to his house because the freeway was closed. Of course it has to be closed on my birthday. It was fine. I smiled the entire time. We eventually got to his house. He said that we were supposed to take a train from Sandy to Salt Lake... but we missed it... That's okay!! We had his mom drive us to. . . . . Temple Square. Smile Smile Smile.
WOW!!!!!!!!! Seriously Wow!! I couldn't ever remember going there. Such a special place.
We started off in the visitors center and looked at all the pictures and read. We went up to the "special room" as Cody calls it. It had a sculpture of Jesus and a painting on the wall of the sky.. Wow... no words could describe how cool that was.. I felt the spirit. We sat there for a bit and decided to check out the rest of the square.
We decided to cross the street and go into the conference center.
We went in and an elderly lady took us on the tour. My face hurt so bad, I was smiling. We went into the auditorium where conference is held. The lady asked "Do you guys want to go down to where they speak?" as soon as those words came out of her mouth I said "Yes! Can we really?" She took us down. I had a bounce in my step. I was so excited.
Did you know 21,000 people fit in there?? Wow!!
She took us back up and out. We looked at the Book of Mormon room were they have all these paintings of the stories. So cool!! Then we looked at the hall of prophets. (: All their pictures. She asked if we would like to see the garden on the roof. YES! So she showed us up there and the waterfall. So amazing. She took us back downstairs and that was the end. We thanked her and headed off to our next stop. The other visitors center thingey. We looked at the model of the temple cut open. I can't wait to get married in there someday.
We decided to check out the beehive house. We got a tour by to lovely sister missionaries. It was so cool to see that house. Wow. I had no idea! If any one hasn't seen it then... They MUST go. So after that tour we went to the Navoo Cafe. What did we eat? Soup. It was sooo good, but we weren't that hungry.
This next part has a couple of pictures. Ready? Great.


This is our tradition from now on. . . We are going to go back every birthday and take this same picture. Every year.

. . . Cute huh? . . . . Yeah (:

So after that Cody said the funniest thing to me... He said "Hey, How about I take you to Deseret Book and get you a bookmark?!" after we got done laughing we finally agreed.
So we had to cross the street and I thought that it would be the smoothest thing if I said "Oh, can you cross the street or do you need me to hold your hand?" But When we got to the light he ran across. Darn. So we went in and had a blast. He looked like a kid in a candy store! He got me a bookmark (: It has a scripture on it. It says:
"Keep my commandments continually and a crown of righteousness thou shalt receive."
(D&C 25:15)
"And for each who observes [the commandments] there the promise of a crown, a queenly crown for each daughter of god, a crown of righteousness and eternal truth."

Its awesome.

After the store we were walking back and here was my chance. Deep breath. We were walking across and I managed to say that and we held hands (: (: (: (: (: He teased me about it... A lot. But it was fine. (: worth it(:
As we were walking a guy stopped us and asked us some questions.. There went his hand. Ugh I was mad that the guy ruined my moment. I won't say the whole conversation.... But he started bashing the church. UGH. Cody did really well at answering his questions. My missionary. (:

So after that we got back in the car and drive home.. I was there 15 minutes early (: got to love Cody, always on time.

He walked me to the door and gave me a hug. What a perfect end to a perfect day.

Your Loving Stalky,
Ally Skinner