Sunday, September 19, 2010

My First Week Of School (Late)

My Dear Stalkers,

Wow! I am a Junior! What? How did that even happen? I'm not sure. It's so weird to know that I have to start thinking about college! I have to do applications at the end of the year, I think they said.... I already know where I'm applying... Southern Virgina University, Brigham Young University, Argosy University and many more... I want to go into psychology and I'm pretty sure that won't change. Anyway back to high school... I have some cool classes and some... not so cool classes. Sad part about it? I have no classes with Cody OR Camille!!!!!!!! I miss them!!! I'm surviving though, which is good. Wanna know what I have? Sure.

1) Seminary (Brother Fletcher) Savannah is in my class (:
2) Advanced Choir (Cam) Savannah is in that class too (:
3) Spanish II (Don't know his name O.o) At The Middle School UGH
4) Chemistry (Mrs. Fairchild) Its good.... So far...
5&6) Socratic Seminar (Ms. Brough) Sigh... Mr. Dye rocked.
7) Geometry (Mr. Gilbert) He's cool
8) Debate (Ms. Petersen) At the Middle School UGH

Pretty cool huh? Yeah. But I have 2 classes at the Middle School which stinks. Why? Because I have to take the bus down there and I'm late for that class and then late for the next class. I don't like it. I can't wait until the new school is done. It's on 1600 north so I could pretty much walk there.... I might be doing that..

What else is exciting about this year?
I'm 16!! What does that mean? DATE DANCES!!! and more importantly DRIVING!!! WOOOHOOO!! I need to take drivers ed still but it will only take 9 days and then I can take my test... All I need to so is sign up.. Sigh. That might be a while.

So, I will try to keep y'all posted about school and all my magical adventures.. See you and love you all!

Your Loving Stalky,
Ally Skinner

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