Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Learning is the Your birth is a mistake you'll spend your whole life trying to correct.

My Dear Stalkers,

As you all know, my junior year is now officially over! And I would like to share some wise words of wisdom about my year...

1) Each year will never turn out as expected.

This year I had a lot of expectations. I expected things to go a certain way socially and academically. I expected to have the same friends as last year, and get the same so-so grades. Well, my best friendship has ended on a really bad note... Honestly... I have no idea why.. Maybe the answer is sitting right in front of me but I am too crazy to see it. Oh well... I guess that will never be the same. BUT! I, in turn, made new friends! I have a boyfriend, and a new best friend. So this year it has had it's good and it's bad.

2) No one is forever.
This year I also thought a couple people would be lifetime friends... It was made apparent to me that no one is forever.. Last year my two best friends were Cody and Camille... Both I guess were kind of complicated. I have realized now that Camille will pick just about any other person over me... Which is okay, but I just don't want to deal with it anymore.

3) Always try new things even though they are scary.
One of the most important things in high school is to try new things. Talk to new people... Try something that you don't feel comfortable with... This year I tried debate.. I was so scared of getting up and talking in front of people about something that I wrote... It turned out FABULOUSLY! I highly recommend it.
4) Procrastination is NEVER as cool as assassination.
This year I procrastinated a lot of assignments and that, in turn, lowered my grade for a little while. But! Soon after a talking to from my dad I turned in my assignments and my grades got better. It is never cool in the long run.

Those my dears, are my leanings from this year. I defiantly have gotten a wider perspective on life and I can not wait for next year. Also, here are my grades...

2(A)Advanced/Chamber Choir
Details about Cahoon, Cameron Cahoon, Cameron


3(A)Spanish II
Details about Harmor, Travis Harmor, Travis


Details about Carroll, Sean Carroll, Sean


HS5(A)Lang Arts 11
Details about Brough, Noelle Brough, Noelle


6(A)US History
Details about Brough, Noelle Brough, Noelle


Details about Gilbert, Ted Gilbert, Ted


Details about Pedersen, Cindy Pedersen, Cindy


Your Loving Stalky,
Allyn Skinner