Sunday, March 28, 2010

Holy Festival of Colors Batman!!

My Dear Stalkers,

Yesterday was the Krishna celebration. Holi or Festival of Colors. It is where they celebrate a new year or a change. I honestly had no idea what to expect. I went with my friend Tippe, her boyfriend, and her roommates. (they are all in college) . Anyway, when we got there we were covered in colored chalk. People that we didn't know would throw it on us and laugh. It was all in good fun though. There was lots of dancing and crowd surfing... whats that? did I go crowd surfing? psshhh... sorta... I didn't mean to though! These guys thought it would be funny to just pick me up and pass me around. I got dropped. On my shoulders, ouch. But my friend got a picture of it. But crazy things happen when your around 15,000 people. It indeed was a magical adventure, It gives insight to other religions. Today I decided to sit down with a shoe box and write down things I want to remember, I am putting the shoe box in my closet and I'm going to keep adding to it over the years. A long time from now when I am in a really good place I am going to open it up and figure out the questions or concerns I had.... Does that sound like a good idea? Or is it kinda cheesy? Oh well. . .
Your loving Stalky
Ally Sknner

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