Friday, March 26, 2010

An almost non-forgetable Friday...

My Dear Stalkers,

Have you ever met someone that has a similar thought process as you? The same ideas as you without discussing them beforehand? Well, I guess stuff like that happens right? Probably not. So this is my explanation to those previous questions. Today every Socratic Seminar class had to start writing their Sci-fi story. I decided to write mine about the future. In this future there is no agency and so a kid named Brian decides that he wants to be able to have agency. That’s all I got so far. So anyway drawing it back to the questions at the beginning. My friend Cody is not in my class, he is in the period after me. He asked after school what I was writing about, I told him and turns out we have the same theme; agency. It’s just crazy. Who knows how things like that happen. I guess great minds think alike. Anyway…

The other day remember how I explained that my choir had a good chance of making it to state? Yeah well… I was so right! We made it!! We were all super excited! We totally deserved it, we worked hard and sounded awesome. We got 1’s from both of the judges (one is the best you can get and 3 is the worst). But enough about me tell me about yourself..

You’re loving Stalkey,

Ally Skinner

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