Wednesday, March 24, 2010


My Dear Stalkers,

Today (Wednesday the 24th) I had my choir competition! yay! But, they lied. The drive was only about an hour, not 2! Anyway, we were the first school to go I was nervous as heck! as well as everyone else I'm sure, but hey this is my story. . . (5 hours later, no joke) So I had an ADD moment for a while. I just want to interrupt my awesomely amazing story to thank my 2 awesome friends, Camille and Cody. They are making my sophomore year all worth everything! You guys ROCK! Okay... anyway back to my choir competition... So, we walked on stage and sang as awesome as we could! We.. sounded... really... really... great!! Cam (teacher) said that if we don't make it to state then he would be seriously surprised. SCORE! So we went and watched the orchestra play in their region competition after that. They were also amazing! They made it to state! All in all it was a really awesome but tiring day... We got back to school and I performed my monologue for Camille, Abby, and Mandy. I am so nervous but I guess ill have to get over that one. I know, I know, your thinking "Ally nervous? pssh no way." and now your thinking "What? how does she know what I'm thinking?!?!". I am that awesome, I know exactly what your thinking. Anyway to answer your first thought, yes, I am nervous, its just scary okay? I don't wanna talk about it. Geez you would think I was just writing for everyone to see. Anyway... That's my exciting day. . . Lets see what tomorrow holds shall we?

Your loving Stalky,
Ally Skinner

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