Saturday, March 20, 2010

This is madness! MARCH madness!

My Dear Stalkers,

Oh my goodness! Have you ever seen people so competitive over a game? Well, it's March, so therefore the NCAA basketball thingy is on. I watched some the other night, didn't think I'd get into it that much. But guess who was playing? New Mexico State VS. Michigan State... who did I root for you ask? the losing
team... New Mexico State... 70-67. *sigh* but you are probably thinking to yourself "Ally why are you rooting for New Mexico? You have only lived in Utah and Hawaii, right?" WRONG! you see my fellow followers, I was adopted, and only a short time ago I found out that my birth father graduated from New Mexico, and I was born there. Crazy huh? So naturally I am going to root for them... anyway, So again today (3.20.2010) I got sucked into watching basketball... BYU VS. Kansas... again the team I rooted for lost... 72-84.. wow. Why did I root for BYU you ask? wow, you ask a lot of questions... It is because that is the school I wish to attend 2 years from now.
That was not the only thing I did today. I'm not that lazy! So today I woke up went to ACT prep from 9:00AM-11:00AM and from 11 till 2:15 I had play practice. It was loads of fun. I actually am really enjoying ACT prep, mostly because I have a couple of friends in there: Cody, and Strom. Although we did do math today friends make it all the more enjoyable. Drama practice was also extremely fun. Camille my other friend is in the play with me. so much fun... again with the questions? If you must know, the play is called "Check Please". Its really funny. It's like two different casts put together. There is a guy and a girl, they never interact until the end. They are both at 2 different tables and keep switching perspectives back and forth. Each on horrible blind dates. oh my goodness you must look it up!My part is a girl named Pearl. She is a kleptomaniac (someone who steals everything). I am on a blind date with Austin and stealing stuff the whole time.

Your loving Stalky,
Ally Skinner

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