Friday, January 21, 2011

Vegas 4

My Dear Stalkers,

Wow.... 3rd post today!!

Today we went to an awesome buffet and had yummy food. But want to know what was weird? There was no spam!!! That is soooooooooo WRONG! But that is okay because they had good enough food to make up for it. Yummmm..... I have hot cheetos....
We wondered around today for a long while. We went to M&M world. (: awesome sauce!
We went on the New York New York roller coaster... (: I was so scared but Camille talked me into it somehow... And then it was lots of fun.

Then we attempted to go to karaoke.. But they didn't let us in because we weren't 21... Whatever....

Long day... I am exhausted... Good night!! I love you all.

Your Loving Stalky,
Ally Skinner

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