Friday, March 11, 2011

Sweethearts (:

My Dear Stalkers,

Guess what? Sweethears was a couple of weeks ago(:
What is that?
It was a girls choice mafia themed dance!!

So do you wanna know how I asked him?
Of course you do!

So, his first period class... was socratic...
I got 8 sticks of butter and put it on his desk.
On the break of that class after he left I put a GIANT bag of popcorn on his chair
and it said:
"I thought I'd butter you up before I POPPED the question... Will you go to Sweethearts with me?"
Cute right?
He answered back on Valentines day....
And how did he answer? (:

"I wanted to tell you in vegas but I didn't know how, so I thought I'd bring Vegas to you. I'd love to accompany you to sweethearts"

There was also a slot machine on my porch (: Cute huh?

Then! February 26th 2011

We went on our day date with.... 24 other people! Granted.. some didn't show up but we went leaser tagging!! Boys against girls! ...Boys won by 15... but we put up a good fight(:
We went to brooklyn's house and played a bunch of games and had ice cream(: I tried to find a game that I could beat Ethan at... We played... Air hockey, pool, ping-pong, and foosball... All I lost at! What the heck?! I can't beat him at anything.. One day I will find something.. Anyway..

I dropped him off an hour before the dance and went home to get dressed.... I picked him up... Wow he looked handsome (:

(The picture is super small... humm... Ill try to find a bigger one.. but for now this will work.)

We got to the dance at 7:40ish.. and had dinner at the dance. He got my food for me (so sweet). And then the dance began! We were dancing all night! but then... He got stolen! Right in the middle of the slow song! What the heck?
So I went to go check it out... they took him outside... I followed them but Cam told me to go back... It was the MAFIA... after the song a girl went up and announced:
"All the girls who got their date stolen please come up on stage"
So me and about 10 other girls went up... They told us to sing "the wheels on the bus" and dance if we wanted our dates back.. so we did...
We were all waiting around and they finally brought the dates back with tape over their mouths and their hands tied. We each had to go up and do something embarrassing to get them back.. I went up and sand "I'm a little tea pot" with dancing.. and got him back (:
What a night! Probably the best dance I've been to(:
Thank you Ethan.(:

Your Loving Stalky,
Ally Skinner

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