Friday, August 13, 2010

An Ode To J

My Dear Stalkers,

As you all know, I have only one sibling. My awesome brother Jaden. He is only 6 months older than me and we are best buds. How is he only 6 months older? Adoption my dear stalkers, adoption. That's another story for another time. Today's post is an ode to Jaden. I call him J all the time, it's weird to call him Jaden because I'm so used to calling him J.... ANYWAY...

So here are things about him!!

He is my favorite person in the world. And my favorite brother!!!

He goes on crazy magical adventures with me.

We chase imaginary penguins around.

We both sleep talk... to each other.

He is parshly Korean.

He is 6'2. Extremely HANDSOME!!!



I'm totally kidding. I will eat you.

He puts up with my weirdness.

We went fishing (:

He is soOoOoOo smart!

He Helps a lot of people.
This is a picture of the group he voulenteers with called camp seek. It's a group (like a day camp) of little autistic kids. They are so sweet. Most of them are low functioning and have a hard time with normal activity. Jaden is an amazing person for going and helping out almost every day! Not to metion the other 2 or 3 groups he goes to other days.

We ALWAYS have TONS of fun!

Main point. I love Jaden he is my awesomely awesome person. I dont know if he reads my blog but I hope he knows. I LOVE YOU JADEN.

Your Loving Stalky,

Ally Skinner

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