Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hello Times Square!!

My Dear Stalkers,

I was watching T.V. The other day and a guy on the news said "If you wouldn't post it on a billboard in the middle of Times Square New York, then don't post it on the internet". I thought it was a great thing to say. I think some of the things people post on the internet... Shouldn't be posted. It's a great philosophy to live by. Anyway!! Do you know what else is on this week??? SHARK WEEK!! I have watched it every night so far. It's pretty interesting. It makes me want to go surfing. Not. Sharks are scary especially when you are surrounded by water. Like me. But I enjoy watching it. Oh also... Okay, you guys are all going to laugh at me or disown me... The Bachelorette Season Fanally was on last night... It was a total surprise to me who she picked. Yes, I admit to my sick weirdness with this show. I have watched it for a while... I keep up with it and honestly? I look forward to it every Monday. This season the girl's name was Ali. Okay.. I know none of you want to hear about this sOoOoOo... Have a greatly awesome, spectacular day! I love you all!

Your Loving Stalky,
Ally Skinner

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