Friday, April 23, 2010

Pictures Galore!

I liked this one. Blurry picture though

This one did not have a zipper it had string O.o

Beautiful dresses

Loved it. Got teased about it by random girls.


Matches her nail polish.

Our Favorite, The one we hid.

My Dear Little Camille is Growing Up!!

My Dear Stalkers,

I have a friend, Camille, you may remember her name popping up a couple of times on here. Anyway... She is going to prom! Yes prom! She got asked today by our friend Sam. I am so happy for her! So, today we went to the mall and looked at dresses. We were kind of mad because the first place we went to had a lot of dresses but they weren't that pretty. So we walked the mall in just about every store looking for dresses. The thing with prom dresses is that well... A lot of them aren't the most appropriate things in the world. Honestly? I am so sick of going to stores and looking for a dress and finding nothing modest. Most of the dresses that were in the stores looked like my little cousin could fit them. She's 4. But anyway.... Back to our adventure! So, we searched the stores and eventually went back to the first store, a bridal store. We looked in the back room and found long princess looking dresses. We found a bunch and tried them on. Camille found one that she looked gorgeous in, well, she looked pretty in all of them but we picked a favorite. Then she decided that it was my turn to try some on. We picked a bunch out and I actually liked them. Too bad I am not going! Oh well, there is always next year. So anyway! We had an amazing time doing that. We decided that we were hungry so we went to the food court. We decided that if we both liked the dress after then we would go and put it on hold. We ate pizza and decided that we were going to go and put it on hold. We went to the counter and asked how long they would put a prom dress on hold. She told me that she would only hold it until the end of the night. Sad day. We were really scared that someone was going to buy it so we walked out and walked into the other set of doors and found the dress and hid it in the store. We felt like ninjas. After that I had to leave and thus the adventure concluded... for the time being at least.. And therefore there will be a slide show of pictures. Enjoy

Your Loving Stalky,
Ally Skinner

Saturday, April 10, 2010

And.... Pose!!

My Dear Stalkers,

I went to the beach yesterday. I bet you all are going "aww so lucky I wish I could be in your place". Well... Don't get me wrong, I love the beach but, I don't like going for the purpose my mom wants us to. What purpose is that? To take pictures of me and Jaden... *sigh* She wants me to put one up here, yeah, I'm so sure. Maybe if I look through them and find a nice one. But I can't this week, because as you may recall I dyed my hair and I don't want any of my friends to see what I look like before Monday. Boy will they be shocked!

Your Loving Stalky,
Ally Skinner

Thursday, April 8, 2010


My Dear Stalkers,

Yes it is true I am in beautiful Hawaii! So I know you are all wondering "Ally, did you wear you penguin pajamas to the airport?" No, I didn't... I wanted to get picked up so I wore shorts and a T-shirt. Not smart because it snowed that day. But oh well... While at the airport I was reading my book and looking around trying to see who I was going to sit by. I got my seat assignment and hoped on the 6 hour plane ride. Who did I end up sitting next to? A very nice older guy. He was going on vacation with his wife and 2 sons. He talked to me a little and asked me some questions. He said "I guess you are a really good kid then."
"Why is that?" I asked
"Pssshhh I'd never put my boys on a plane by themselves!" I guess that's a compliment...?
I thought I was going to be able to sleep on the plane, I was wrong. I read the whole time. I outlined a power point that I was going to do when I got home about the book I read. What a magical adventure huh?

So, on Friday April 2nd my mom got into a car accident. I was calling her for my daily conversation, and she answers the phone and the conversation goes something like this:
"Hey mom." (Yes I say hello before she does)
"Hey Ally, I'm going to have to call you back I got into a car accident"
"WHAT?!? Mom! What happened? Are you okay!?"
"Yes Ally, calm down I'm okay"
Then we hang up. wow what a scare huh? the next conversation I had was the killer! It was with my dad:
"Hey Ally, mom got into a car accident." (Yeah that's how we start conversations)
"I know I just talked to her she said she was okay"
"Well... She's on her way to the ER."
And the conversation continued on with a lot of 'calm down's and 'she'll be ok's
But she really is ok, she just went and got checked out. She has bruises but, no worries totally fine. We went and saw the car today... It's totaled! Its awesome looking. But it's sad that we have to get a new car...
Anyway.... as my friend would say: onward and upward...

A very traumatic event happened to me today... It's kind of hard to talk about *sniffles* but I will anyway. . . So my mom was dying my hair, (now that I think about it, its not that traumatic) and well... It was supposed to be light brown... its like 2 shades away from black. Wow. Not cool.
I'll have to deal with it later. With hope it will fade, soon.

Well there is my random week so far for you, read it, save it, love it, print it, comment it.

Your Loving Stalky,
Ally Skinner

Friday, April 2, 2010

Hi Mom!!

My Dear Stalkers,

I will be laving you. No, not forever. Hey, I said not forever there is no need to cry. I will be visiting my parents for Spring Brake. That means: *trumpet sounds* Hawaii here I come! Its warm there and I get to see my family, my ninja dog and My Jedi cat. Fun stuff! I leave tomorrow at 11:00. When I went to visit my parents over Christmas Brake I wore shorts and a sweatshirt over a tank top to the airport. I got lots of stares because it was snowing outside. I got lots of "Don't forget sunscreen!" and "Aloha" comments. Mostly from flight attendants. So I think this time I am going to wear penguin Pj's. I think my mom will be to embarrassed to pick me up from the airport if I wore those though.... Oh well, Ill take a cab. It should be a fun vacation. none the less.
Yesterday (Friday) I went to a crazy wild party. Okay... maybe not wild... or crazy... but it was so much fun! We played "Imagine If..." its a board game. In the game you roll dice and whoevers name you land on is the name you read about. All the cards read a question like "Imagine if (insert name here) was/did... ) its really funny if you get a good one. After the game we all ate ice cream and watched Shurlock Holmes. Its a really great movie! but there is one thing that bothered me about it, He did not once say "Elementary my dear Watson" gahh how crazy right? How can it be called Shurlock if he doesn't say that? goodness. But anyway it was really fun, I'm glad I went.

Your Loving Stalky,
Ally Skinner

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Totally Thursday

My Dear Stalkers,

Have you ever had a really bad day and thought “eh I’ll be okay tomorrow” but weren’t? Don’t those just suck? I strongly agree. . . Anyway, on a lighter note. Today is Thursday April 1, 2010. What does that mean? APRIL FOOLS! So I just learned about it last week. It’s crazy! Who would think of s holiday like that? America, that’s who. What? Did I get tricked? Yep. By my Socratic Seminar teacher. Mr. Dye. You see, in class we are reading the novel Frankenstein. Well... We are supposed to be reading it; no one has read the assigned reading. So he had us write our names and how many pages we read on a piece of paper and give it to him. He wrote the average on the board. It was 40 pages. We were supposed to be on page 120. Sad huh? Well, anyway he yelled at us and told us we were all wasting his time, and then he left. We were all in shock. He walked back in, grabbed his computer and went out again. Wow were we scared. After about 3 minutes (but it seemed like forever) he came in and yelled “APRIL FOOLS!!!” I bet if he had played it longer all of us would have read the rest of the book. But that’s beside the point. We all decided to play a trick on him back. That class takes up 2 periods. So first and second. When the bell rings for first period to be over it’s like a 5 minute brake for us. So during brake we all left and lined up against the outside wall. The bell rang for us to go back in but we stayed there. After about 4 minutes he walked out and we all screamed “HA APRIL FOOLS!!” Loads of fun.

What’s in store for tomorrow?? Well my friend is having a party. Nuf said.

Your Loving Stalky,

Ally Skinner