Thursday, April 8, 2010


My Dear Stalkers,

Yes it is true I am in beautiful Hawaii! So I know you are all wondering "Ally, did you wear you penguin pajamas to the airport?" No, I didn't... I wanted to get picked up so I wore shorts and a T-shirt. Not smart because it snowed that day. But oh well... While at the airport I was reading my book and looking around trying to see who I was going to sit by. I got my seat assignment and hoped on the 6 hour plane ride. Who did I end up sitting next to? A very nice older guy. He was going on vacation with his wife and 2 sons. He talked to me a little and asked me some questions. He said "I guess you are a really good kid then."
"Why is that?" I asked
"Pssshhh I'd never put my boys on a plane by themselves!" I guess that's a compliment...?
I thought I was going to be able to sleep on the plane, I was wrong. I read the whole time. I outlined a power point that I was going to do when I got home about the book I read. What a magical adventure huh?

So, on Friday April 2nd my mom got into a car accident. I was calling her for my daily conversation, and she answers the phone and the conversation goes something like this:
"Hey mom." (Yes I say hello before she does)
"Hey Ally, I'm going to have to call you back I got into a car accident"
"WHAT?!? Mom! What happened? Are you okay!?"
"Yes Ally, calm down I'm okay"
Then we hang up. wow what a scare huh? the next conversation I had was the killer! It was with my dad:
"Hey Ally, mom got into a car accident." (Yeah that's how we start conversations)
"I know I just talked to her she said she was okay"
"Well... She's on her way to the ER."
And the conversation continued on with a lot of 'calm down's and 'she'll be ok's
But she really is ok, she just went and got checked out. She has bruises but, no worries totally fine. We went and saw the car today... It's totaled! Its awesome looking. But it's sad that we have to get a new car...
Anyway.... as my friend would say: onward and upward...

A very traumatic event happened to me today... It's kind of hard to talk about *sniffles* but I will anyway. . . So my mom was dying my hair, (now that I think about it, its not that traumatic) and well... It was supposed to be light brown... its like 2 shades away from black. Wow. Not cool.
I'll have to deal with it later. With hope it will fade, soon.

Well there is my random week so far for you, read it, save it, love it, print it, comment it.

Your Loving Stalky,
Ally Skinner

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