Friday, April 2, 2010

Hi Mom!!

My Dear Stalkers,

I will be laving you. No, not forever. Hey, I said not forever there is no need to cry. I will be visiting my parents for Spring Brake. That means: *trumpet sounds* Hawaii here I come! Its warm there and I get to see my family, my ninja dog and My Jedi cat. Fun stuff! I leave tomorrow at 11:00. When I went to visit my parents over Christmas Brake I wore shorts and a sweatshirt over a tank top to the airport. I got lots of stares because it was snowing outside. I got lots of "Don't forget sunscreen!" and "Aloha" comments. Mostly from flight attendants. So I think this time I am going to wear penguin Pj's. I think my mom will be to embarrassed to pick me up from the airport if I wore those though.... Oh well, Ill take a cab. It should be a fun vacation. none the less.
Yesterday (Friday) I went to a crazy wild party. Okay... maybe not wild... or crazy... but it was so much fun! We played "Imagine If..." its a board game. In the game you roll dice and whoevers name you land on is the name you read about. All the cards read a question like "Imagine if (insert name here) was/did... ) its really funny if you get a good one. After the game we all ate ice cream and watched Shurlock Holmes. Its a really great movie! but there is one thing that bothered me about it, He did not once say "Elementary my dear Watson" gahh how crazy right? How can it be called Shurlock if he doesn't say that? goodness. But anyway it was really fun, I'm glad I went.

Your Loving Stalky,
Ally Skinner

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