Friday, April 23, 2010

My Dear Little Camille is Growing Up!!

My Dear Stalkers,

I have a friend, Camille, you may remember her name popping up a couple of times on here. Anyway... She is going to prom! Yes prom! She got asked today by our friend Sam. I am so happy for her! So, today we went to the mall and looked at dresses. We were kind of mad because the first place we went to had a lot of dresses but they weren't that pretty. So we walked the mall in just about every store looking for dresses. The thing with prom dresses is that well... A lot of them aren't the most appropriate things in the world. Honestly? I am so sick of going to stores and looking for a dress and finding nothing modest. Most of the dresses that were in the stores looked like my little cousin could fit them. She's 4. But anyway.... Back to our adventure! So, we searched the stores and eventually went back to the first store, a bridal store. We looked in the back room and found long princess looking dresses. We found a bunch and tried them on. Camille found one that she looked gorgeous in, well, she looked pretty in all of them but we picked a favorite. Then she decided that it was my turn to try some on. We picked a bunch out and I actually liked them. Too bad I am not going! Oh well, there is always next year. So anyway! We had an amazing time doing that. We decided that we were hungry so we went to the food court. We decided that if we both liked the dress after then we would go and put it on hold. We ate pizza and decided that we were going to go and put it on hold. We went to the counter and asked how long they would put a prom dress on hold. She told me that she would only hold it until the end of the night. Sad day. We were really scared that someone was going to buy it so we walked out and walked into the other set of doors and found the dress and hid it in the store. We felt like ninjas. After that I had to leave and thus the adventure concluded... for the time being at least.. And therefore there will be a slide show of pictures. Enjoy

Your Loving Stalky,
Ally Skinner

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